Sheldon Science Fair

 This year’s Sheldon Science Fair, run by year 7 pupils, has been excellent. The purpose of this very popular event is to motivate, stimulate and encourage all students to explore an area of science, in which they are particularly interested, beyond the normal secondary curriculum. The current Year 7’s achieved this goal and more. Many students went away from the fair wanting to further investigate projects they had seen or taken part in. The projects were presented in mini fairs in lessons and the top 4 projects from each science set were chosen to participate in the main Sheldon Science Fair which was held in the school hall on Thursday 26th January. 
Highlights of the event mentioned by pupils were the projects on; “Iron in cereal” an investigation into the iron content of cereals run by Bailey Briggs and Dalton Drew 7LMV, “Bacteria and hand gels” by Annabelle Dickie and Holly Coxon 7HLT and “Pedal Power” an interesting investigation with a ‘breath taking’ model that pupils could ride on by Alfie Gaisford 7JRG.
The winners of the event chosen by the pupils in a vote were “Heat transfer and melting chocolate” by Jess Wills and Kate Stephens 7TJS, “Earthquakes” by Dan Heal and Elliot James 7GMB and “Cuttlefish” by James Harriman and Aidan Bloomer 7ZXM.