The National Maths Challenge

 It has been a very good year for Sheldon mathematicians, with 46 Year 9s and 10s ranking in the top 40% of the country on the UKMT national maths challenge and 76 of our Year 7s and 8s making the cut as well! 
On the Intermediate Paper we had four pupils who got through to the next round: Libby Taylor, Josie Beever, Sophie Stephens and Ben Mullan. All have now had their Kangaroo papers marked and have done very well, with both Libby and Sophie receiving merits. Only 5500 pupils qualified nationally to take part in this round.
William Templeton was one of 500 students nationally to qualify for the Cayley Olympiad paper, a step up from the Kangaroo, and got almost full marks on three of his six questions, earning him a merit. A fantastic achievement at this level.

On the Junior Paper, Jacob Roberts, Stefan Young, Hannah Cole, Alex Smaller, Cormac Harvey and Holly Coxon all achieved Gold certificates, with Jacob easily qualifying for the next round, the Junior Olympiad, as a result. 
All of these students are to be heartily congratulated for their excellent achievements.