Enterprising Design

 A small group of budding entrepreneurs from year 8 and 11 have just gone into business selling products that they have designed and made themselves and are now starting to rake in some profits!

The DT Enterprise Club was set up by Mrs McElwee to give students the opportunity to test not only their designing and making skills, but their business acumen as well. They have developed a range of products that will appeal to both adults and children alike and spend every Tuesday in batch production! The challenge has been to make high quality, low cost, high return products which they will then sell at local craft fairs and outlets within the school.

The club’s first trial was running a stall during Children in Need and proved to be very successful making a grand total of £81.60! The aim of the enterprise is to give half the profits back to the school and plough the rest back into the business so that it will eventually become self funding and provide the students with a little extra pocket money.

Many thanks to the Parents Enrichment Fund with its help to get this Enterprise started.