Additional Enrichment Opportunities

A comprehensive support package is available to those students who are applying for highly competitive options beyond Sheldon. We are proud of our many students that have successfully gained places at Oxford and Cambridge or on medicine or veterinary medicine courses in recent years.

University Taster Courses

Many students make good use of the chance to experience university taster courses. Both ‘Access to Bristol’ and ‘On Track to Bath’ are well established, while others make use of online options from a wide variety of universities across the country. Thinking about Higher education often starts with the annual visit to the local UCAS Exhibition each April.


Each year around 70 students volunteer to become main school mentors. Students are trained in mentoring skills and use these to support vulnerable pupils across the school. Their efforts are greatly appreciated by the pupils they help, and the sixth formers involved develop essential ‘soft’ skills highly regarded by universities and employers.

Leavers’ Expedition

Every year a group of intrepid Sheldon students complete their time in the Sixth Form with a 4 week ‘mini-gap’ expedition involving community project work, a challenge and some time to relax in a distant location. In the past students have visited Kenya, Tanzania, Borneo, Namibia, the Himalayas, Sri Lanka and Botswana.

Students who sign up for this adventure will have 18 months to raise the money – fundraising is an important aspect of the experience. The expedition requires teamwork, leadership and commitment, but according to previous groups who have risen to the challenge, it is a trip that can very much shape your future.

And lots more . . . . .

There are many other opportunities as well, from music and drama, or the student led debating club, to the chance to be involved in Ten Tors and D of E. And if we don’t have a club that you would like to see, we will help you set it up!