At Sheldon we strive to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges, stimulates and excites. Although always conscious of the need for every child to achieve at the highest possible level, we are committed to developing skills and interests and sparking imagination and creativity. We believe the school experience should be engaging and enjoyable for all, so we spend much time trying to understand every child and providing a learning experience that best serves their needs.

 The curriculum is designed to develop knowledge, skills and human qualities; this begins in years 7 and 8 with a broad offer that encompasses English, mathematics, science, languages, design technology, art, music, drama, dance, history, geography, physical education, information technology, religious studies and personal and social education.

There is a blend of mixed ability and setted teaching groups ensuring challenge is prevalent but that no child is left behind. In year 9, subjects start to develop relevant skills and knowledge needed for exam success as well as continuing to focus on the holistic approach to education on which Sheldon prides itself. There is also some opportunity for choice in Year 9 in the performing and expressive arts (PEA) and languages.

 In years 10 and 11 pupils are able to choose a pathway appropriate for them whether it is a mainly academic route or one with a strong work-related emphasis. We continue to favour a genuine breadth of study but remaining mindful that pupils might start focusing on subjects that will play a larger part in their futures.

We continue to place real importance on personal and social development and physical education and devote considerable time in the curriculum to these non-examined aspects. Careers education through an excellent work experience programme and a devoted focus in curriculum time ensures that pupils consider in depth where their futures may take them.

Throughout, we aim to develop the skills that will enable students to be successful both in their future studies and the place of work. We encourage students to be organised, creative, reflective, independent and good team workers amongst others. We also aim to develop literacy and numeracy skills that are transferable across subject areas.

Recognising achievement and making pupils feel positive about their progress is of upmost importance.

We set challenging yet realistic end of year targets in each year and reward those who are making good progress towards achieving them. The annual school awards evening is when the achievements of many is publicly acknowledged but daily we reward and praise and help make pupils believe that they are on the right track. We are also quick to recognise when pupils are falling behind and will put in place strategies to help make up any lost ground.

There are significant changes to the GCSE and A level examination systems over the next few years. We will continue to keep you informed through our normal communication channels.