The vast majority of pupils choose to take at least one design and technology subject to GCSE and this leaves open the opportunity to pursue a career in design through A level and other routes. Pupils will make this choice based on their enjoyment of KS3 DT projects, the Year 9 industry day, the GCSE presentations, the DT exhibition, quality of teaching and the fabulous purpose built environment in which pupils learn.

We provide pupils with the widest range of opportunity in design and technology. Our resistant materials course focuses on manufacture from hard materials, our systems course on how things work, our graphic products course on creative prototyping, our food technology course on product development and our textiles technology course on fashion design.    

GCSE results in DT are excellent and the exam requires pupils to do well in their major coursework project as well as a formal written exam. The major project tests subject knowledge through a range of personal qualities that are required by employers and the exhibition of exam work pays testament to the organisation, tenacity, research skills and personal qualities of our pupils who work to a deadline.