Reports & Pupil Progress

Every child at Sheldon is encouraged to try hard, aim high and achieve their best.

Pupils are supported and encouraged throughout this journey in many different ways.

In addition to twice-daily meetings with the tutor group, tutors meet with tutees in a one-to-one session at least once per term to discuss any issues, concerns or areas that they need support with (personal or academic) . The discussion results in setting agreed targets for the pupil to work on until the next one-to-one session.

All pupils are encouraged to think about their learning at Sheldon as a 'flight-path' for success. The final destination is a successful combination of self development and the best exam results that they can achieve to enable them to choose from a wide variety of opportunities when they embark on future jobs and careers.

Pupils have tracks to help them manage their 'flight-path'. Progress is monitored by subject teachers, heads of faculty, tutors and the head of year - and where necessary, extra support or intervention is provided.

Pupils are keen to and stay on track and achieve their targets with their efforts and hard work praised and rewarded through our extensive rewards system.

Each academic year, parents will receive:

  • One FULL report written for each curriculum area. The purpose of this report is to inform parents of their child's progress, highlighting strengths and identifying weaknesses for all subjects. Subject teachers set targets and tutors write a report which includes an overview of academic progress as well as comments about attitude, participation and involvement in extra-curricular activities. A parents' evening follows the issuing of the report. This provides time for teachers and parents to discuss each child's progress in more detail.
  • Two INTERIM reports. The purpose of the interim report is to provide a snapshot of attainment, effort, homework and attendance. A concern code may be raised to inform parents that an issue is being monitored and being dealt with internally.
  1. KS3&4 Assessment - Parent Information Year 7
  2. KS3&4 Assessment - Parent Information Year 8
  3. KS3&4 Assessment - Parent Information Year 9
  4. KS3&4 Assessment - Parent Information Year 10