Student Leadership

Our Sixth Form is led by our Sixth Form President and Vice-President. They chair both the Sixth Form Council and whole school Student Council.

"As students in Year 13, we can assure you that the Sixth Form is a welcoming and collaborative community. Making an effort to become involved with some of the vast variety of opportunities on offer, and talking to other students from your classes and tutor, make the integration process easier and more enjoyable."   Jacob Joad, President and Louis Austin, Vice President, Year 13.

Sixth Form Prefects

In Year 13 many students go on to become Sixth Form Prefects. The prefect team lead many school activities, helping with lessons and clubs, or mentor younger pupils who need support. This allows them to give something back whilst developing self-confidence and communications skills.


Sheldon Sixth Form has a strong track record of leading charity events across the school. Twice a year students don fancy dress to raise some cash, and there are lots of other events too. ‘Sheldon does Strictly’ is a key event in the spring of either Year 12 or Year 13 when the Sixth Form take on the staff – and usually wins. Other large fundraisers happen when there is not a ‘Strictly’ allowing students to showcase their musical talents. The Charity Committee leads on these events, and the Charity Committee Chair is a key student in the school.

External Applicants Mentoring Team

Each year approximately 40 students join our Sixth Form from other schools. A team of Year 13 students volunteer to act as mentors to these new students to help them settle in. The team is almost always led by a student who was an external applicant themselves the previous year.