Snow and Ice

School Closure – Adverse Weather Conditions

In the event that we need to close the school due to bad weather, we will do the following:

  • Aim to make a final decision by 7am
  • Communicate the decision by SchoolComms – this relies on the school having up-to-date mobile telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Communicate the decision by Twitter (@sheldonschool)
  • Communicate the decision on the school website
  • Communicate the decision to Heart FM and BBC Radio Wiltshire who will read out the list of schools affected by school closures at regular intervals

All attempts will be made to open the school as soon as possible and decisions on re-opening will be communicated by SchoolComms, website and Twitter.

In deciding whether it is feasible to open the school, the following factors are amongst those considered:

  • Safety of travel to and from school for pupils and staff
  • Safety of travel from school in the event of significant snowfall during a period when the school is open and pupils and staff are already on site
  • Safety in school once pupils and staff are here. This includes having sufficient staffing to give safe pupil:staff ratios and ensuring the school has safe routes around the site to minimise the danger of slipping and injury.

Snow and Ice Walking Conditions

During snow or ice conditions, our premises team routinely clear or grit entrance paths around the school site. The order for clearing the paths is indicated on the attached site map and we advise students to use the green path as this is cleared first.

  1. School Path Clearance Map