Sheldon is proud of its commitment to rewarding good work and behaviour. Our pupils are motivated and encouraged by staff on a daily basis and we encourage pupils to act in a positive manner, independent of potential reward.

Merits are the main form of day-to-day reward in Years 7 to 9 and online Achievement Points (APs) in years 10-13.

Our teachers, teaching assistants and supervisors issue merits and APs for:

·     effort

·     using initiative

·     contribution

·     responding to areas for improvement

·     quality of work either at home or in class

·     contribution to the school or wider community

·     meeting agreed targets

·     good attendance

·     good interim reports

·     attendance at clubs

·     responsibility through exceptional positive behaviour, helpfulness, politeness or integrity

Certificates will be awarded for attaining 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 merits or APs.

Prizes and incentives will accompany some of these achievements.

Other Rewards – all years

Sheldon's Achievers’ Draw

Pupils earn one ticket for every 10 Merits or APs.  One ticket is earned for 100% attendance per half-term. All the tickets are entered into the termly Achievers’ Draw, held by each Year Group for an extended celebration assembly.

Faculty and Pastoral Awards

Faculty Awards are made three times a year and presented at Achievers’ assemblies. Pupil of the Term pastoral awards are awarded six times a year.

Reward Postcards

Subject and Year Group reward postcards are commonly posted home and used to celebrate particular contributions to life at Sheldon, in lessons or beyond.

Headteacher Commendations and Celebration Lunches

Mr Spurdell takes the opportunity to meet with pupils with particularly pleasing annual reports. Pupils value being recognised for their hard work and effort and it is common for pupils to be invited to a celebration lunch in the refectory with senior members of staff.

Awards Evening

This is our formal way of celebrating particular achievements. Parents and pupils attend by invitation and a keynote speaker leads the evening.