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KS4 Options

Choosing options for Key Stage 4 holds much significance for pupils and it is a process that we take very seriously. Significant time and effort is invested into guiding pupils and parents through what can be some very difficult decisions that have to be made. Sheldon believes that pupils should have a broad and balanced range of subjects but also they should be able to personalise their choices according to their needs and interests.6D8A785DEF7B9F46643F7EF7AC56D15F

We also believe that physical education, PSRE, enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities are fundamental to ensuring that pupils continue to develop as individuals and develop the skills necessary for their mental and physical well-being now and in the future.  These areas are not marginalised and continue to play a large part in the life of our pupils in Year 10 and 11.

See below for Course Choice Book giving details of the courses that are on offer for 2017-2019.

Key Stage 4 Course Choices - Parent Presentation 2
Course Options Booklet 2018-20
Course Choice Booklet 2017-19