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KS4 Qualifications Summary

Subject Level Exam Board Specification Number Link to Spec
 Art and Design (Art, Craft and Design) GCSE  EDUQAS  C650QS   Link
 Art and Design (Fine Art) GCSE  EDUQAS  C651QS Link 
 Art and Design (Textile design) GCSE  EDUQAS C653QS  Link 
 Business GCSE   Pearson Edexcel  1BS0 Link
 Business and Enterprise Level 1/2 Certificate   NCFE  601/0048/5 Link 
 Biology GCSE  AQA  8461 Link 
 Chemistry GCSE   AQA  8462  Link 
 Computer Science  GCSE  OCR  J276 Link 
 Creative Media Production BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Award   Pearson Edexcel 603/1238/5  Link 
 Creative iMedia Cambridge National Certificate   OCR  J817 Link 
 Dance GCSE   AQA 8236  Link 
 Design Technology (Graphic Products)  GCSE AQA  8552  Link 
 Design Technology (Resistant Materials) GCSE  AQA  8552  Link 
 Design Technology (Textiles) GCSE  AQA  8552  Link 
Drama  GCSE   Pearson Edexcel 1DR0  Link 
English Language  GCSE  AQA  8700  Link 
English Literature  GCSE  AQA  8702  Link 
Food Preparation and Nutrition  GCSE   AQA 8585  Link 
French  GCSE  AQA  8658  Link 
Further Maths  Level 2 Certificate AQA  8365  Link 
Geography GCSE  AQA  8035  Link 
German  GCSE  AQA  8668  Link 
Health and Social Care  Cambridge National Certificate  OCR  J811 Link 
History  GCSE   Pearson Edexcel 1H10  Link 
Maths  GCSE   Edexcel 1MA1  Link 
Music  GCSE  AQA  8271  Link 
Physical Education  GCSE  AQA  8582  Link 
Physics  GCSE  AQA   8463 Link 
Religious Studies A  GCSE  AQA  8062  Link 
Science Trilogy  GCSE  AQA  8464  Link 
Spanish  GCSE   AQA 8698  Link 
Sports Studies Cambridge National Certificate  OCR J813  Link