Remote Support

Remote Learning from January 2021

With the exception of keyworkers’ children and vulnerable students, all other students will be studying at home, logging in to their lessons on Microsoft Teams and completing their work as directed by their teachers.

The government guidelines now state that for KS3 and 4 students they should receive 5 hours per day of remote learning with a combination of face to face, pre-recorded video and the use of published resources such as Oak National Academy or GCSEPod. At Sheldon we expect that our staff be available to all of our students ‘live’ during their timetabled lessons. In practice, however, this will mean live teaching will not look exactly the same each lesson. A variety of tasks and delivery of lessons will continue to be the norm. It may mean that teachers meet their students live at the start of the lesson to explain the work and the tasks, students will then get on with the work they have been set using the chat function to ask questions. Teachers may return live at different points of the lesson to check on understanding and progress. It does not mean that the teacher must be delivering a full 50 minute on screen. The lessons and tasks set will continue to vary by subject, the age of the students and the content that is being delivered. Staff teaching some practical subjects will inevitably have to adjust their lessons to accommodate the lack of resources at home. However, work will be set that will take the full lesson to complete. All resources for each lesson will be set on Teams and any live element on Teams will be recorded to be able to be viewed at a later time or date. Teachers will be available to answer questions via the chat function throughout the lesson.

There will inevitably be some technology and connectivity issues at times. Also, be aware that if staff are ill or have occasional, legitimate reasons for not being available to teach live, work will be set on Teams for students to get on with during their timetabled lessons.

‘Microsoft Teams – a pupils’ guide’ video has been recorded offering support in using Teams. This can be found on the student portal. In return, we ask that our students log into Teams every day, are prompt for the starts of lessons and have the resources needed for each lesson. If students are ill, we ask that parents call school as they would to report absence. This will avoid staff contacting home regarding non-attendance to lessons.

Keyworkers’ children and vulnerable students

Keyworkers’ children and vulnerable students who are attending school will be based in a computer room in their year groups to access the remote learning package that our students are receiving at home.

Pastoral support

Under the new timetable structure, there have been two points in the day when tutors were meeting with their tutees – one for 15 minutes whilst half the school was on break and the second for 25 minutes after lunch. During this period of Lockdown, these sessions will not be delivered in the same way as lessons. Tutors will organise a live tutor session once a week at a time convenient to them and tutees will receive an invitation to attend these sessions. However, for the remainder of tutor sessions tutors will be engaging with tutees in a variety of ways, including making contact with home for one-to-one conversations. In addition, other members of staff will also be ringing home to check on the wellbeing of our young people.

If there are any concerns regarding students working at home please email the following staff: for a subject specific concern email the teacher or Head of Faculty and for concerns more generally, contact your child’s tutor or year head. For any other queries regarding our remote learning package please contact Miss Judith Owen

Judith Owen
Assistant Headteacher


This page will provide links to remote support software used by Sheldon ICT Support, with your consent we can connect to your computer using this software to help diagnose and resolve issues you may be having with access the Sheldon Portal or Sheldon Remote Access.

AnyDesk - Windows - macOS

Team Viewer - Windows - macOS

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