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Mobile Phones


Mobile phones may be used

  • before the 8.25am bell at the start of the school day
  • at break time until the bell at 10.38am
  • at lunchtime until the bell at 1pm

Phones and earphones must not be used or visible at any other times. They must be switched off and stored in bags out of sight.

On occasions a phone might be used to enhance learning in the classroom. This will only be on the specific direction of a member of staff. 


Phones and earphones may only be used in outdoor spaces, and in the tutor base at lunch time.

They must not be used or visible in the corridors or dining spaces at any time.

Sixth form students are permitted to use mobile phones discreetly during study periods in sixth form areas. However, all other rules above apply to them.


If the rules are broken, the item will be confiscated and kept at reception until the end of the day. If it is the first time this has happened, the pupil may collect the item from reception at 3pm and a letter will be sent home. If it is the second or subsequent time, the item must be collected from reception by a parent or guardian.

Students must hand over a phone or electronic device immediately when asked to do so. If there is rudeness or reluctance, the imposition of an additional sanction may be considered.

If the problem persists a pupil may be refused permission to bring their phone into school.