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Care and Guidance

Care and Guidance


We are committed to making sure that every child feels safe and our tutor programme makes sure that all children know what to when they need help. This help is available from a wealth of people with wide-ranging skills and experiences depending on the need of each child. These vary from the tutor, head of year, deputy head of year, prefect team, sixth form mentors, three pupil support workers, school nurse, school matron, Relateen school counsellor and our Child Protection Officer, Mr John Rumble.

Sheldon School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Home and School Partnership

The pupil / parent / school relationship is very important at Sheldon.  As soon as a pupil joins the Sheldon community, a series of links are forged between home and school.

Year groups are organised into tutor groups under the guidance of the same tutor, head of year and deputy from Year 7 through to Year 11.  Parents have the opportunity to meet the tutor and involve themselves with Parents’ Forums for each year group.

Each tutor group has a tutorial session at the start of each morning and afternoon.  During these sessions the tutor leads a programme of tutorial work designed to enhance pastoral care, develop study skills and review work.  In addition, each tutor uses one teaching period per week to work with individual children from their group.  These sessions enable every pupil to discuss and review progress with their tutor and to set targets for future work.

A regular dialogue is established between home and the school via the tutor.  Every pupil has a planner and parents are encouraged to use this for simple communication with school.  Sheldon operates a comprehensive reporting system, featuring annual written reports on each subject and two additional interim reports.  Parents’ evenings enable parents to meet staff to discuss progress and identify targets.  Parents’ Forums meet regularly with the head of year and members of the senior management team to review practice and discuss future developments. 

Child Protection

Mr John Rumble is Sheldon's Child Protection Officer. Please contact Mr Rumble if you need to make us aware of any safeguarding concerns.

It should be noted that it might be necessary for the school to contact Social Services in the event of any child protection issues.