Assessment & Testing

We have close and detailed discussions with primary schools before pupils transfer to us. It is important that we know as much as possible about what a child has studied and achieved. We also discuss with primary schools those pupils who have a degree of learning difficulty, as well as those pupils who have shown high academic potential, or exceptional talent in a particular area.

It is important to have an indication of a child's potential so that we can make sure that all pupils are being challenged and extended. On entry to Sheldon, all pupils sit a CAT (Cognitive Ability Test) which gives us an indication of potential performance in language and comprehension, number, and non-verbal reasoning.

During Term 1 all Year 7 pupils are screened for spelling and also sit Suffolk Reading Tests which enable us to identify specific reading difficulties or lack of progress. This is repeated for some pupils in Years 8 and 9. These results help us to direct resources and support into areas where they are needed and to stretch pupils to their full potential.

Subject teachers also have a responsibility for identifying students who are having difficulties in their class and will inform the SENDCO.

Close co-operation with parents is a key factor in the school's philosophy and the parents of special needs pupils are consulted widely.