Boys Uniform

 *All starred items can be obtained from our official uniform suppliers

Trousers should be mid or dark grey (not black), not too tight nor too flared, in a plain style. Jeans or jeans-style trousers of any colour or material are forbidden.

Shirts should be white, plain, long or short-sleeved, without motifs or other decoration. Shirts must have a proper collar, suitable for wearing with a tie.

Socks should be white, black, navy or grey.

School ties are obtainable from the school office or Scholars. Ties should be worn wide end out and be of waist length.

Pullovers should be V-neck, long-sleeved, navy pullovers (without motifs or patterns) or V-neck, long-sleeved, sweatshirts with the school logo*. The school pullover/sweatshirt must be worn at all times unless the school indicates that weather is warm enough for it to be carried in pupils' bags. Cardigans, and sweatshirts without the school logo are not acceptable.

Shoes should be black and strongly-made. High heels and platform soles constitute a safety hazard and are forbidden. Training shoes are not permitted other than in PE.