British Values

At Sheldon School we are committed to ensuring that all students have a broad and balanced education that will allow them to become well-rounded individuals who contribute to their local communities and to society. As part of this commitment we are also ensuring that all students are aware of multi-cultural and multi-faith nature of Great Britain and how we can be good citizens and represent our national values. In 2011 the government set out their definition of British values as part of the prevent strategy. These fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs are actively promoted in Sheldon as part of our curriculum areas and in our extensive tutor programme.


Democracy is a vital part of life at Sheldon School, through the election of our tutor, charity and school council representatives pupils are able to express their views and have a say in important decisions that are made. In addition, each faculty area takes part in pupil voice feedback, allowing pupils the opportunity to share their own views about subjects at Sheldon. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn about our democratic systems, the role of parliament and elections during their PSRE lessons and to take part in mock elections. We emphasise the importance of voting and the history of Britain’s democratic processes. Pupils are provided with a balance of political viewpoints and are encouraged to explore the different policies and ideals of political parties.

The rule of law

We aim to ensure that all pupils are fully aware of the requirements and consequences of the law in Britain. Through their work in PSRE pupils understand laws regarding key issues such as personal safety and responsibility which is reinforced by visits from local police officers and PCSOs. In addition pupils are able to engage with a member of the prevent team to discuss issues of law with regards to issues such as extremism. Across our tutor program, assemblies and daily readings pupils discuss the role of rules and laws and the requirement for citizens to be able to follow the laws of the country. Pupils are also made aware of the responsibilities they have to uphold the law, the rights of people that need to be protected and are given the opportunity to discuss laws that they think should be in place and why.

Individual liberty

Our goal is to equip all pupils with the skills and knowledge to enable them to make informed decisions in a safe and secure environment. Though their work in PSRE and across subject areas pupils develop an understanding of what it means to have rights and responsibilities and how to manage difficult choices. Students are encouraged to make positive choices about their work, their involvement in extra-curricular activities and their role in the school. This includes work in ICT, PSRE and our tutor programme to equip pupils in making safe decisions online. Sheldon has a strong system of rewards for positive decisions and pupils are able to develop their self confidence and self-knowledge in making informed choices.

Mutual respect

We are wholly committed to the values of respect and tolerance at Sheldon School. Pupils are expected to respect all members of the community and to understand what respect is and why it is so important. This is reflected in our school ethos and expectations and our work across the curriculum and in our tutor programme. In PSRE lessons our work focuses on issues including self-respect, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance and discrimination. We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying and this is emphasised both in PSRE lessons and in our tutor programme. Events such as our ‘ZT’ focus, anti-bullying week, holocaust memorial week and the Olympic fun run include a variety of activities and events that actively demonstrate our commitment to mutual respect for all.

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

During PSRE lessons pupils engage with different faiths, belief systems, philosophies and cultures. They understand the reasons for different belief systems and these beliefs may be shown in modern Britain. We emphasise respect for others across our curriculum and the need for respect for all people. Pupils are given the opportunity to visit places of worship and engage with visitors of different faiths. Our tutor programme, assemblies and daily readings encourage discussions of different faiths and beliefs and explore a variety of issues relevant to modern Britain. Links with other cultures through charity fundraising, exchanges, performing arts, visits and partnership schools allow pupils the opportunity to engage with other cultures and world views.