Internal Examinations

Each year group (except Year 7) have a week* of internal examinations during the course of the academic year. Information and timetables are shared with pupils via tutors and subject teachers. The examination week is part of a four week window, where pupils focus on:

  • revision skills
  • examination technique and
  • responding to feedback 

*For Y11s this will actually extend across two weeks in order to cover all subjects.

External Examinations

Dates for external public examinations are published on the calendar section of our website when available.  For the summer examination series, students are issued with a personal timetable prior to the Easter break.  Please contact the school immediately if a student is not able to attend an exam; medical or other evidence may be required.

Summer 2018 - Publication of Results

GCE – Thursday 16 August at 0830 in the Hall.

GCSE – Thursday 23 August at 0930 in the Hall.

Uncollected results will be sent home by first class mail.  Please note results can only be passed directly to students, and written consent from the student is required if another person is collecting results on their behalf.  Unfortunately we are not able to provide results over the telephone.

Please see below for enquiries about results forms and fees.


Most exams at Sheldon are covered by the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) regulations.  More information can found here: https://www.jcq.org.uk/

A copy of our Examinations Internal Appeals Procedure can be found below.

Results and Certificates

Certificates are normally issued prior to Christmas following the summer exam season. The school is required to retain certificates for a minimum of a year after issue.  After this they must be destroyed or returned to the exam boards.  

If the school does not have records of your exam results, particularly if your attainment pre-dates electronic records, details of how to obtain information can be found here:-






  1. Release of results June 2018
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  4. Examinations Internal Appeals Procedure