The environment we have created is key to an ethos that underpins the high regard pupils and other stakeholders have for design and technology. We cannot over state how important the development of a well designed working environment has been to the well-being of pupils and staff who come to school each day to learn and teach. Even the music we have playing is designed to create a calm ambiance!

Our innovative building features a public atrium and hard materials workshops on the first floor with clean design areas located on mezzanines that go into the roof space. In total, the building comprises 5 multimedia workshops, 3 food rooms, a textiles room, a large machine preparation room, a computer room and a faculty room. Our comprehensive equipment stock includes a CAD laser cutting machine.   

Display is at the core of the building’s presentation and serves as a focal point to start projects. Banners hang through the atrium, clear acrylic and chrome styled cabinets display 3-D practical work and a display of commercial products help to cultivate creativity. There is a roll of honour board, posters of pupils engaged in DT work and an LED electronic message board and a large flat screen LCD TV.