Information for Students and Parents

Bus Travel to Sheldon School

Please ring Wiltshire Council, Passenger Transport Department, on 01225 713398/713578 or 713523 for current information.

Useful documents available for you to download:

  1. Information Powerpoint shown at our most recent Parent Information Evening (20 June 2017), giving details of all options open to Sixth Formers at 18+
  2. Tips on how  to manage time, revision techniques and keeping a healthy balance between work and play can be found in our A Level Revision Guide which was given to all students recently
  3. A range of information from the Sixth Form planner
  4. Year 12 Information Powerpoint from the Parent Information Evening held on Tuesday 15 September 2015
  5. Holiday Request Form
  6. Leave of Absence Form for University visits, medical appointments etc
  7. Welcome booklet for all new Year 12 applicants from staff
  8. Welcome booklet for all new Year 12 applicants from current Year 12 students
  9. Details of the Sixth Form Dress Code


  1. UCAS summer information 2018
  2. 2017 Welcome Booklet from Staff
  3. 2017 Welcome Booklet from Students
  4. 2017-2018 Sixth Form Planner pages
  5. Sixth Form Conduct and Dress
  6. 18+ Options - parents guide
  7. Leave of Absence request
  8. Sixth Form Holiday Form
  9. A Level Revision Booklet