At KS3 we follow the National Curriculum in geography and history. In Year 7 geography we go on a world journey, moving from global to local scales. We also explore different physical landscapes, looking at tectonics, glaciation and limestone. In history we explore the Middle Ages, focusing on topics such as the Battle of Hastings, Magna Carta, the Black Death, the Peasants’ Revolt and the Reformation.

In Year 8 geography we develop an understanding of human interaction with physical landscapes through studies of rivers & flooding, population & development and the use of natural resources, with a particular focus on Russia. In history we look at the Early Modern period, studying topics including the reign of Elizabeth I, the English Civil War, witch-hunting, the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.

In Year 9 geography we build on the understanding and skills learnt with a focus on weather & climate, coastal processes and economic activity in China & India. In history we focus mainly on the twentieth century. We study slavery, the black civil rights movement in America, the First World War, twentieth century dictatorships around the world and the Holocaust.