We follow the new Key Stage 3 National curriculum where we aim to develop both mental and written mathematical skills. This includes number, algebra, ratio and proportion, geometry and measures, probability and statistics.

We aim to teach the curriculum in both an engaging and stimulating manner – we want pupils to have fun and become enthusiastic about the subject.

Year 7 pupils are taught in their tutor groups for the first half of the Autumn Term. After this, pupils are set according to their results in the KS2 SATs and CATs (which are taken in September). The setting of all pupils is reviewed following the formal internal assessments, which take place three times a year. Pupils may be moved at any time, if a teacher feels that their ability would be better catered for by moving either up or down sets.

In Years 7 to 9, the year groups are split into two sides. There are six sets on each side of the year throughout Key Stage 3. This is designed to make sure our teaching can meet the individual needs of pupils as much as possible.