Pupils are taught in tutor groups in years 7 and 8. We run an options system in year 9 where pupils can choose either two or three arts subjects from art, dance, drama and music. This gives them the opportunity to work in greater depth and is good preparation for GCSE.

In Drama at KS3 pupils are given opportunities to develop as performers and to learn valuable life skills such as working as part of a group and developing confidence, creativity and communication skills. Pupils work on script and improvisation modules.

Dance at KS3 allows students to develop their performance, choreographic and appreciation skills through topics such as Cyber Dance, Rollercoasters and the Car Man.

In Art at KS3, pupils develop a range of skills both practical and critical.  Lessons include drawing, painting and printmaking.  Topics covered include art in World Culture, Pop Art and Endangered Species.

In Music we encourage pupils to enjoy music and to involve themselves in listening, composing and performing.  We teach them how to create and develop musical ideas and to develop basic skills for future musical learning in Years 8 and 9, when their skills are developed further from Year 7.

We cover projects including African and Japanese music, marches, reggae and music and the media.