GCSE Computing is a course that gives students a real, in-depth understanding of how computer technology works. Students will no doubt be familiar with the use of computers and other related technology from their other subjects and elsewhere.
However, this course will give pupils an insight into
what goes on ‘behind the scenes’, including computer
programming; many students find this absorbing. 

GCSE Business Studies provides students with an insight into the basics of managing a business. Students visit and research a small local business and use this as the basis for their coursework. Finance, managing people and enterprise skills are key units. Lessons are focussed on developing team skills and finding solutions to problems. Students are encouraged to think creatively and take risks.

VCERT Business and Enterprise

Being an entrepreneur requires hard work, determination and the ability to get on with others. Pupils will be expected to be creative, organised and efficient. An entrepreneur needs to firstly think of a good idea, make a plan and then have the skills to implement it. Once the business is up and running it’s important to make sure it’s operating at a profit, keep an eye on costs, communicate with suppliers.

This course gives the flexibility and choice to develop careers with a broad overview of business and allows pupils to specialise later, if they choose to continue their studies.