All Pupils have the opportunity to take two arts subjects at GCSE.  Most pupils take one.

In Drama pupils work in various sized groups, contribute ideas and respect those of others, explore plays written by other people, create drama devised by pupils, go on theatre trips and participate in workshops run by professional actors and directors.

Dance at KS4 is an exciting GCSE giving pupils the opportunity to learn about professional dances, companies and choreographers and to learn set dances for performance and choreograph own work.

At GCSE, pupils have the opportunity to take Art and Design, Textiles and Fine Art.

Skills are developed through experimentation and documentary evidence.  Pupils can work in a wide variety of media and projects include ‘Identity’ and ‘A Sense of Place’.  Gallery visits and sketchbook documentation of research form an integral part of the course.

Music is a course for anyone who enjoys making, listening to and writing music.  Skills developed during KS3 will be developed further, and it is ideal for pupils who play an instrument confidently, enjoy the challenge of composing their own music, and would like to discover, listen to and analyse a variety of musical styles and set works.