Miss Elaine Beange is in charge of A Level English Literature and A Level English Language.

Our popular A level English Literature (EDEXCEL) course requires students to study and enjoy a range of texts from different periods. As well as studying individual drama, poetry and prose texts, students learn how to compare texts and link them to their social and historical context. One of the requirements of the course is to complete a coursework essay comparing two linked texts. A great emphasis is put on developing independent research skills, essay writing and delivering presentations to other members of the class.

Our equally popular A level English Language (AQA) course stems from its topical and practical nature. The course enables students to further their interest and enjoyment in the use of English through learning more about the way the language is structured and how it functions in real contexts. Students most often enthuse about the creative writing coursework they produce and the language investigation they conduct independently in year 13.

Media Studies A Level (OCR) appeals to students who like to combine practical work with the study of media theories and concepts. It is an exciting and demanding course that challenges students to produce media artefacts in print and on film, but also, to prepare for examinations that test their theoretical knowledge and critical awareness of the media. Media students are creative workers, but are also able to work independently and be well-organised.

More information on all of our courses at A Level is communicated to parents and pupils in year 11 during the Sixth Form options process in lessons and at the Sixth Form options evening held at school every November.