Subjects offered at Key Stage 5 are: criminology (WJEC Advanced Diploma); geography (AQA AS/A Level); government and politics (Edexcel AS/A Level); history (OCR AS/A Level); psychology (AQAAS/A Level); and sociology (AQA AS/A Level).

In the first year of criminology we investigate different types of crime.  Understanding the theories of criminality and its causes helps to drive policy change and we will create our own campaigns.  The following year, we study the criminal justice system in England and Wales, looking at the processes of investigation and prosecution.  We will review criminal cases and analyse the measures used in social control.

The geography course at A Level develops an understanding of the processes at work on our planet as well as how humans interact with these.  Key aspects include the water & carbon cycles, coastal systems, hazards, global systems & governance, identity & place and resource security.  Fieldwork visits will contribute towards a 4,000 word report that students will complete as part of their independent investigation.

In Year 12 government and politics, we study the organisation of the UK government and its current political system.  In Year 13 we study key ideologies, as well as the organisation of American government and its political processes.

The history course contains three units, looking in detail at fifteenth and sixteenth century Spain, twentieth century Britain and warfare from 1792-1918. There are two examinations and one extended coursework essay to complete over the two years.

For AS psychology, we study the topics of memory, key approaches in psychology, psychopathology, research methods, attachments, issues and debates, biopsychology and social psychology.  For A2, these topics are revisited and in addition, we study forensic psychology, relationships and schizophrenia.

In Year 12 sociology we study families and households, looking at dynamics in the home and the influences on them.  Education is the second key topic, linking to scientific research methods.  In Year 13 we study crime and deviance with additional research elements and the processes behind global development.