Students have the opportunity to take A levels in a range of subjects.  They can take two arts subjects.

A level drama helps develop students understanding of acting, directing and theatre. Plays are explored from the perspective of both the actor and the director.  Students are examined on their performance skills by performing a monologue or duologue and in a play.  There is also an opportunity to devise a piece of theatre and to learn about Greek, Elizabethan and contemporary theatre.

A level dance allows students to continue to develop skills learnt at GCSE. Students are able to develop their practical dance skills through performance and choreography.

Fine art, photography and textiles are available as arts A levels.  A wide variety of skills are taught.  Gallery visits and sketchbook documentation form an integral part of the course.

In A level Music we focus on the core elements of listening, composing and performing at a high level and in a wide variety of styles and genres.  Pupils considering A level music should be confident performers to at least a Grade 4 level but preferably higher, competent at theory, and ideally should have done GCSE music.

Workshops from specialist practitioners as well as visits to professional dance performances, theatres and art galleries form an integral part of A level Arts Subjects.