Learning & Lessons

 We pride ourselves with always trying to make sure that our pupils get the best lessons possible.

Teachers are encouraged to maintain individuality and provide variety whilst working within a framework. Our aim is to plan and deliver great lessons that pupils will enjoy and learn from so that all pupils make progress.  

We have five core elements for lessons, called “Sheldon’s Famous Five”.

Our Famous Five are:

•Backwards Planning

We are always looking for ways to improve our lessons at whole school and faculty level and pupils are systematically consulted about their lessons in a number of ways:

•Tutor Rep meetings
•Student Council
•Surveys on Frog
•Pupil questionnaires
•Pupil learning walks
•Cross school lesson observations in the sixth form.

Involving pupils in our discussions is one of the best ways to find out what works and does not work. It also helps  develop quite mature analytical skills required for improving learning.