Most Able

 Students who have a particular aptitude for a certain subject are catered for through our Most Able Programme, co-ordinated by our Most Able Champions who work alongside our curriculum team leaders to match suitable programmes for individual needs.

Careful liaison with subject teachers ensures that the most effective means of providing support are available for individual needs to ensure that lessons are suitably challenging.

Students become involved in a wide variety of activities out of the classroom. These range from local workshops and residential courses to national competitions.

At Sheldon we acknowledge the potential of each individual pupil and therefore seek to support the most able students within our school through a broad range of opportunities.

We seek to be inclusive in our approach and sensitive to the potential impact of labelling a group of students as 'most able'.

In the pursuit of school-wide excellence we aim to provide opportunities for all our pupils to reveal, display and extend their abilities. We believe that supporting the needs of most able students is a factor in raising the achievement of all.

Our most able policy can also be downloaded from our policies page.