Mr James Couchman

School Business Manager

 I still feel hugely privileged to have been appointed to my current role which I started in August 2014. Before joining Sheldon I had worked in a similar role at St Mary Redcliffe & Temple School in the centre of Bristol for 7 years. Despite being an inner-city school with a different pupil demographic it shared many characteristics with Sheldon - a strong sense of community, a pupil-focused approach to education, and a great reputation which spread far beyond the boundaries of the Local Authority.

The role at St Mary Redcliffe was my first in education, having worked for Lloyds Bank for 15 years in a variety of management positions. Although my degree in French & Theology was not particularly relevant to the roles I undertook, I did very much enjoy helping people sort out their finances. As banks started to become more like financial services shops and expected their branch managers to sell to every customer they met, (including PPI!), I decided it was time to seek a move to the bank's head office in Bristol where I re-trained as a project manager in the marketing department.

I now live in Bath with my wife and 4 children. It is a great blessing to be able to live in a beautiful part of the world and to be able to work amongst people - pupils and colleagues - who are both stimulating and supportive. Many thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome!