Parents Enrichment Fund

 Help to make your child's experiences at Sheldon much richer

ALL parents are welcome to attend this meeting so please come along if you interested. The meeting is spent considering bids for enrichment and allocating funds accordingly. Our most recent allocation of £5412.50 was in March 2018 and £5872.99 was donated in November 2017.  

On behalf of all the pupils who benefit from this money, we would like to thank our very generous parents for their donations. Many parents choose to make a monthly donation and we are extremely grateful for any donation, no matter how small or infrequent.

Sheldon's enrichment fund has been set up to enable parents and friends of the school to make a financial contribution in order to enrich pupils' experiences.

The fund is administered and spending priorities are decided by a board of trustees representing parents and parent governors.

By joining the enrichment fund you can promise to make a small monthly contribution to the school. The Inland Revenue will then add 25% extra to your donation.

Recent grants from the fund

 The enrichment fund has been used to provide attractive outdoor spaces for lunch and breaktimes, to subsidise theatre and arts visits and to purchase equipment for after school activities such as Scalextric, Warhammer and Equestrian club.



You are welcome to make either a regular or one-off donation. The attached leaflet shows you how you can do this. Alternatively, you may send us a cheque made payable to Sheldon School expressing your desire for payment into the Parents Enrichment Fund. Parents can also now donate through Parent Pay which can be accessed via the link at the bottom of the screen.

  1. March 2018 grant overview
  2. November 2017 grant overview
  3. How to Make a Donation Leaflet
  4. Information Powerpoint For Parents