SEND Code of Practice



The SENDCO and team will assess your child’s difficulties and will then decide what support is needed to help your child progress. Depending on their level of need, they will be placed in one of the following categories of support:

Active Monitoring

If your child has an additional learning need that can be met through differentiation in the classroom they may be placed in this category. The Learning Support team will monitor their progress and put in place additional intervention where necessary. This is a school based level of support.

SEN Support

If your child continues to have difficulty making progress despite extra differentiation and requires support that is considerably different or additional to that provided to most pupils, they will be placed on the SEN register at SEN Support. Support from outside agencies might be sought.

Statutory Assessment (My Plan)

A few pupils, despite all the help given, may still not make progress. At this point, Sheldon, in consultation with parents, may ask the Local Authority (LA) for a Statutory Assessment. Parents also have the right to ask for a statutory assessment themselves. A statutory assessment is a very detailed examination of what your child’s needs are and what help your child needs. The LA will ask for information from parents and the professionals working with your child.