We are very proud of the behaviour of pupils at Sheldon.  As a result of positive attitudes to school, learning is effective and we have a happy, purposeful and successful community.

OFSTED 2017 commented, “Pupils behave very well in and out of the classroom and are willing and admirable ambassadors for the school.”

Good behaviour is expected from all pupils throughout the school day. Good behaviour for learning is expected in all lessons at all times. Any behaviour by a pupil which slows down their learning, that of their peers or means that the teacher is distracted from teaching will lead to a sanction.

The Sheldon Sanctions Staircase is explained to every pupil at the start of each year, as well as the rewards offered and routines to be adopted. Its use ensures that consistency can be achieved. It addresses behaviour at various levels of severity.












*Low Level Disruption (LLD) Referrals:

From September 2017, following a review of the system, we introduced these referrals to ensure that small irritating behaviours were addressed quickly. They are logged on the SIMS system by a class teacher.

These referrals are calculated over a term. At the start of each new term, they are reset to zero.

Consequences of LLD referrals:

5          Letter home

10        Letter home and Head of Year lunchtime detention

15        After school detention

20 +    Interventions at the discretion of the year head – e.g. internal / external exclusion for persistent poor behaviour, report card. Parents always involved at this level.

Letters are sent home when thresholds are met.