Specialist Leaders in Education

We have three SLEs with particular expertise in their fields. 

Adam Douglas

Specialist Leader of Education

Physical Education       


Adam has worked as Head of the PE Faculty for 26 years at Sheldon School leading a team of 13 subject specialists, having previously worked in another Wiltshire comprehensive school.  Sheldon has been designated a Lead School in Physical Education by the National College in recognition of high levels of teaching and learning and outstanding pupil performance.

In addition to this role Adam was appointed Beacon Co-ordinator for the school in September 2001 and worked particularly with Castledown School and Churchfields School at Senior Leadership level supporting subject leaders.  When the Beacon initiative ended in July 2004 he retained his whole school responsibility by co-ordinating the four main public events for the school and working on community projects as Community Liaison Co-ordinator.

The school was awarded a second specialism in sport in 2007 and Adam has led on this in the school and in work with the Youth Sports Trust.

Adam has worked with the University of Bath on the ITT PE course since 1994 and worked alongside the Course leader Andrew Hibbert as the Lead Mentor having held this title for 12 years.  He has delivered a number of sessions to the whole PGCE PE cohort and also worked as the internal moderator for the PGCE and has worked as the external moderator for the GTP in Physical Education.  He is currently working with the Youth Sports Trust as the South West representative on the ITE Focus group as a Partner School and represents Sheldon School on the Wiltshire Sports Alliance group.  Adam now works as a mentor with PE trainees from the University of Exeter.   Adam also delivers to the Year 3 Sports Coaching and Education cohort at the University of Bath regarding application for PGCE / teaching posts and the role of the Physical Education teacher in schools.

In January 2012 Adam was designated as a Specialist Leader in Education.

Areas of Support

Adam is experienced in delivering leadership and developmental work with other schools having worked with local schools at area and county level delivering on a variety of areas linked to Physical Education.

Subject Support in Physical Education:

  • Curriculum / Course planning in PE
  • Raising attainment at Key Stage 4 (GCSE and BTec)
  • Advanced level course planning and raising attainment
  • Effective provision for G and T pupils
  • Strategies for engaging less motivated students in PE

Teaching and Learning:    

  • How to plan successful lessons and units of work
  • Planning a successful enrichment programme to support learning in lessons


  • Faculty review
  • Leading a successful department
  • Mentoring newly appointed Faculty / Departmental staff
  • Working with an underperforming colleague
  • How to raise standards and status of PE as a subject in a school


Jacqueline Needham

Specialist Leader of Education

Personal, Social and Religious Education


Jacqueline has been teaching for over 30 years and for most of this time has been Head of the PSRE Faculty – a faculty she created, developed and had a clear vision for. This involved leading a team in the delivery of RE, PSHEE and Vocational Education. Alongside this role, she has also been heavily involved in child protection and is currently the designated child protection lead in the school.

She has always had an interest in supporting NQT’s and her work has involved working closely with them in school and helping their professional development. Sessions have been run to help NQT’s reflect upon their teaching and become critical and constructive of their own teaching.

Jacqueline has worked with Bath Spa University in their post graduate course and has carried out teaching sessions with RE students; the teaching and delivery of Sex and Relationships Education. She has also been involved in the recruitment process for their teacher training course. Throughout this time, she has been a mentor for trainees in school ensuring they make progress in their teaching.

Areas of Support

Subject Support

  • Curriculum planning and support for PSHEE; particularly SRE
  • Child protection
  • Supporting individual teachers when necessary – all faculty areas

Teaching and Learning

  • How to plan, develop and deliver engaging lessons
  • Working with all ability students to get the best out of them in PSHEE/RE


  • Many years as Faculty Head
  • Mentoring new staff in own faculty and beyond
  • Supporting underperforming staff
  • Designated child protection lead
  • Whole staff training for child protection- tailor made sessions to suit different groups


Carl Orlans

Specialist Leader of Education

Design and Technology


Carl has had significant experience of teaching in three large mixed comprehensives in both city and rural locations. He is very well qualified and he believes strongly in an education system that enables boys and girls of all abilities and backgrounds to achieve their potential through tracking and target setting.

Carl now manages a thriving Design and Technology faculty of 14 staff at Sheldon School which has an outstanding Ofsted record for DT and which is the largest school in Wiltshire. The team have recently been awarded the prestigious Design Mark for their outstanding design curriculum.

Design and Technology at Sheldon has been designated a Lead School by the National College to recognise outstanding pupil performance which has grown from high levels of teaching and learning in a purpose built environment. 

Areas of Support

Carl is experienced in delivering leadership and CPD training in addition to providing school to school support in Design and Technology. Carl would be able to offer you the following support:

Subject support in the field of Design and Technology:

  • Supporting department heads in their leadership and management roles.
  • Providing helpful feedback about teaching and learning.
  • Using target data and useful frameworks to measure pupil performance.
  • Developing a strategy to recruit students onto DT courses.
  • Enabling DT to contribute to the whole school agenda.
  • Creating a vibrant DT environment through positive funding.

Whole school Middle Management training:

  • Establishing the differences between leadership and management.
  • Supporting and developing staff using Performance Management.
  • Personal qualities and establishing ethos.
  • Strategic planning, curriculum and finance.
  • Timetable, staffing and recruitment.
  • Supporting PGCE students and providing ITT cohort training.

Whole school CPD - Homework

  • How to establish a strong homework ethos to promote learning.
  • Looking at successful homework setting routines.
  • How to overcome factors that can prevent homework being set and being done.