Student Voice

ALL Sheldon pupils are encouraged to play an active role in influencing major decisions that have an impact on their day-to-day experiences. This is facilitated through the tutor representative system.

MOST pupils will choose to take on a leadership role within their tutor group and become a tutor representative at least once. For each term, there are two tutor representatives per tutor group and twenty per year group.  Tutor group representatives meet with the Head of Year and the rest of the representatives once a week. Information is shared and opinion is sought. Representatives are responsible for communicating outcomes of these meetings to their tutor groups and for collecting opinion when required.

SOME pupils will choose to become student council representatives and year group elections are held each year.  Student Council meets at least once every half term to discuss outcomes of research or items brought for discussion.  Pupils are involved in a range of issues ranging from teaching and learning approaches, commissioning garden design contractors, and choosing décor for facilities improvement such as our fantastic, award winning refectory.

Sheldon's Student Council is made up of:

James Harriman - Year7

Being the School Council representative for year 7, I would like to do the very best I can to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Representing the opinions and ideas of our year group is a great responsibility and I am proud to take this on. I’m very happy to be part of the team that will help make great things happen at Sheldon School.


Sammy Drake-Bishop - Year 7 

I decided to vote to be in the School Council because I thought that I would be a good representative for the school. I am very enthusiastic and I love getting involved in things to do with the school. I feel that I am very approachable and friendly, making me easy to talk to if any-one needs help or a friendly ear. 


Jessica Treacy - Year 8

I wanted to be a School Councillor because I want to share not only my ideas but all of our ideas as a year group. I am a very good listener and good at taking things in and referring them back to my year group. I have already been a tutor rep and I am again at the minute, I always make sure I make time to talk to my tutor about the things we have discussed. I will make sure I represent my year group as much as I can.


Ewen Williams - Year 8 

As a School Councillor my aims and objectives are to get the voices of year 8 pupils heard and taken seriously. Throughout the year I hope I can change the school not with huge changes but with little changes with a big impact, such as last year’s request to have more bins on the year 8/9 playground this was put into action because so much litter was being dropped. Its things like this which make the School Council such a necessary thing so that is why I want to make a difference to our brilliant school life.


Naomi White - Year 9

I'm very excited to take this opportunity to represent year 9 and the school and be part of the decisions we need to make. I will be closely connected with the tutor reps to make sure our year group is well represented. In so I am hoping that I will make a positive impact. I am also part of the environment council and hope to promote being a greener school. I hope that I can deliver and make the school a better place.


Ella Cruse - Year 9

As an elected member of the School Council, I will give my best efforts to make a positive impact on the School. I aim to share the ideas of pupils and my own opinions with my fellow School Council Reps. I will enjoy the opportunity to contribute to building on an environment, which encourages Students to maximize their abilities. I hope to give the ideas from pupils across the year group to the discussion in the School Council meetings. I will concentrate on putting the necessary time and commitment into making the role a success.


Ellie Burke - Year 10

I personally feel I can help with a range of issues and I am hoping to contribute a lot of ideas and relevant information that will hopefully improve the school. I believe being a School Councillor will show commitment and my drive to being a helpful and a contributing student to the school. I will try to co-operate with the charity reps to help their ideas succeed and make sure they are heard at the meetings. I intend to listen to other people’s perspectives and help create a solution for any recognised problems.


Archie Fitzgerald - Year 10

School Council is a vital forum for the school community, which is why as the School Council representative for year 10, I will strive to help create an even more positive school experience. I will do this by listening to what everyone has to say and feeding it back at meetings so as to give different perspectives and come up with the best possible solutions to make Sheldon the best it can be. It will help me if as many people as possible share their ideas so that we can get a wide range of views on issues that are important to pupils. 


Madison Bool - Year 11 - Head Girl

Hello, my name is Madison Bool and I am Head Girl for this academic year. I am thoroughly looking forward to working alongside the rest of the School Council to make significant and positive impacts to the Sheldon School community. I am also eager to voice my own ideas and opinions as well as listening to those opinions of the other School Council members to promote the student voice. I know that together we will be able to make the most advantageous changes possible to the school. I know that the School Council meetings alongside the Senior Prefects meetings and focus groups will be very interesting and excited to be a party of and I look forward to many exciting meetings.


Joe Brickell - Year 11 - Head Boy

My name is Joe Brickell and I am the Head Boy for this year. I am delighted to be part of the School Council team, and will work closely with both the Head Girl and rest of my peers to help in bringing relevant ideas and suggestions to the council. In my opinion, it is vital that the group works in the best interests of the students, so I will ensure my work is centred around improving the school environment for as many students as is possible. I look forward to hearing your views and suggestions. 


Toby Shirazian - Year 12 - Student Voice Ambassador

My name is Toby Shirazian and I am the Student Voice Ambassador for Sheldon school. One of my main goals is to build upon my work last year, whilst in the position of Head Boy. As a member of the School Council, I intend to work closely with the council to improve student voice, invigorate the school environment, and better the atmosphere around the school for the pupils. I also intend to share the findings of my work as Student Voice Ambassador with the panel to achieve these goals. Inclusivity will be at the core of my work and we, the School Council, will strive to make the school the very best it can be.


Fin McCarron - Year 13 - Vice President of VI Form

As Vice chair of the School Council, I'm excited about sharing the ideas of my year group and of sharing the ideas of Sixth Form Council. I hope that my position on the Council can allow me to help make a difference to the school. A key focus of mine will be to help mobilise the voice of the year twelves especially, a group which has been traditionally disenfranchised in the School Council but I will be working to represent the views of the entire school clearly and fairly.


Joseph Tedds - Year 13 - President of VI Form

As chair of the School Council, I aim to ensure that the views of pupils are represented fairly, and that the council becomes a forum of discussion across the school years. I want to actively make a difference within the school and communicate our progress clearly back to students, as well as raising the profile of the School Council. With my close links to the Sixth Form tutor reps and the charity reps, I hope to be able accurately put across the ideas from the whole of Sixth Form in order to better improve the school.