Teaching Assistants

Welcome from Sam Sellwood TA Manager, Jan Tong Senior TA for Assessment, and Kim McKenna Senior TA for Literacy.

Our TAs provide support to pupils with SEND; this support is predominantly in-class support but can also be on a 1:1 or small group basis. 

Teacher Assistants support pupils in class in the following ways:

  • Helping individual pupils understand what is required in the lesson.
  • Assisting pupils with reading.
  • Helping pupils understand written texts by asking questions or simplifying the language.
  • Helping prepare differentiated materials that will increase pupils' access to the curriculum.
  • Answering questions when needed.
  • Helping pupils take notes during a lesson.
  • Supporting pupils with spellings.
  • Helping pupils with discussion work.
  • Helping pupils settle and get started.
  • Sometimes lending equipment (pencil/ruler).
  • Helping pupils organise their work.
  • Keeping pupils on task.
  • Keeping a pupil seated.
  • Monitoring behaviour patterns in the classroom.
  • Advising on seating plans/classroom organisation.
  • Removing a pupil before a problem escalates.
  • Assisting pupils working on a computer/laptop.
  • Acting as a Reader or a Scribe during tests or examinations.
  • Supervising group work.
  • Helping with basic literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Helping to build self-esteem by encouraging pupils to participate in lessons.
  • Helping mark work with pupils during the lesson.
  • Writing homework into diaries.
  • Signing Report Cards.
  • Working with individuals or groups outside the classroom to reinforce learning.
  • Working with individuals or small groups to extend learning activities.
  • Giving feedback to the teacher on pupils and their work.
  • Supporting the reward system (praise, Community Stickers, Merits).
  1. Teaching Assistants 2018-19