Trips and visits play an essential role in deepening understanding of curriculum content and exposing our pupils to experiences that they may not necessarily access at home.

Each head of faculty will oversee their trips and visits programme for Y7 – Y13. This includes anything from local visits through to national or international conferences or competitions. Most curriculum visits are scheduled during the school day although performing arts and sports visits will often occur out of school hours.

Residential visits are sometimes an essential part of courses, especially some post-16 field visits.  

Easy access to Bath, Bristol, Stratford-upon-Avon, Cardiff and London allows us to take pupils to a wide range of drama, music, art and dance productions to develop cultural awareness.  

Heads of year often organise year group recreational trips and some are used to reward pupils for outstanding effort.

Outdoor challenge and sporting events are the norm at Sheldon and most weekends involve pupils participating in team competitions or practising for the demanding TenTors or DofE Award.

Trips and enrichment opportunities vary from year to year. To help plan finances, the attachments below indicate the cost for the trips from the previous year.

  1. Y7 Trips 2014 -15 overview
  2. Y8 Trips 2014 -15 overview
  3. Y9 Trips 2014 -15 overview
  4. Y10 Trips 2014 -15 overview
  5. Y11 Trips 2014 -15 overview
  6. VI Trips 2014 -15 overview