Year Groups

 We have ten tutor groups per year group with each tutor group having a tutor who will stay with them from Year 7 through to Year 11 wherever possible.

The team of ten tutors are led by a head of year and deputy head of year. There is also a fantastic team of Pupil Support Workers who help all year teams and their tutees.

Pupils first meet their tutor during our turnaround days in July of Year 6. Each Year 7 tutor group has two prefects attached for the year and they offer extra help and support from a pupil’s perspective during this important settling in time.

Group relationships are forged early and our Autumn Camp helps build strong bonds between tutees and their tutor. Our year teams are proud of their sense of collaboration and team spirit and the year head and tutors often organise out of school social actiities and trips. 

Tutors see their tutor group twice a day. The morning session is time to check that everyone is ready for school and the afternoon session is dedicated to a well-designed tutorial programme.

All tutors are timetabled one period each week to meet with their tutees for one-to-one discussions about their well-being, progress and attainment.

It is common for pupils to stay in touch with their tutor or head of year even after formal ties end as they enter the sixth form or leave for university or job opportunities.