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Grainger Darren Circle

A welcome from the Head of Faculty, Darren Grainger

The science team's main aim is to create a stimulating learning environment for learning. We want all our pupils, regardless of ability or background to develop into enthusiastic and scientifically literate young people. We believe that the skills required to be a good scientist are required across all disciplines for learning and set pupils up for life, no matter what job or career path is chosen.  

Our very strong teaching and technician team is committed to getting the best outcome for our pupils by using a wide variety of approaches tailored to the individual and we encourage autonomy and challenge in lessons in order to develop inquisitive and creative minds.

Year 7 Science
Year 8 Science
Year 9 Science Trilogy
Year 10 Science Trilogy
Year 11 Science Trilogy
Year 10 Separate Biology
Year 11 Separate Biology
Year 10 Separate Chemistry
Year 11 Separate Chemistry
Year 10 Separate Physics
Year 11 Separate Physics