Please find attached transport information from Wiltshire Council

A 2024-25 Post 16 application form is attached for Year 11 students intending to join Sixth Form or College.  Transport could be available for those who live more than 3 miles away.  Post 16 Application Form 2024

Wiltshire Council - Applying for Transport

Please find attached application forms for the coming academic year September 2024-25 for pupils Post 16 (P16).

Parents are encouraged to apply now for transport, so that any queries can be dealt with by Wiltshire Council now rather than after the summer holidays, as they cannot guarantee late applications will be processed in time for the start of the new academic year.

Please note existing pupils receiving transport do not need to re-apply unless they are Post 16 students as this is done yearly. If a parent is moving between now and the new academic year they will need to re-apply from the new address.

These forms cannot be completed on a phone, but need to be completed using a computer, tablet (saved to that device) before emailing, or by hand, electronically is preferred.

Parents are to return their application form (with any evidence if required e.g. low income, FSM etc) to 


Kind regards

Passenger Transport Unit