Sheldon Student Opportunity Fund


The Student Opportunity Fund raises money to fund much-needed equipment and activities for all students at the school. Without the Fund, the current range of extra-curricular activities could not be afforded, trips would be much more expensive, and students would not benefit from the extra equipment and resources that we fund.

Unlike a hardship fund, the Student Opportunity Fund is there to benefit ALL students in the school, regardless of their circumstances. This means EVERY parent benefits from the Fund too!

The Fund plays a vital role in school life as although government funding pays for all the essentials, it is the Student Opportunity Fund that pays for the extras that make our children’s school lives more enjoyable and rewarding. We can only do this because of the money we raise from parents and other people in our school community who donate so generously – thank you.

What we fund

The ‘BIG ONE’ this year

This year we really want to focus on some major investment around the school. It is vital, especially in the current situation, that students have adequate space and can enjoy the outside areas during breaks and lunch. Without the Fund the school would struggle to pay for this huge expense. We are aiming to fund new seating, shelters and games equipment as currently it falls short of what the students need for them to be able to spend time outside and, indeed, have fun while they do so. The more money we can raise the more we can provide - we hope you will help us.

What we do already!

There is a long list of areas that we currently fund, with more funds we could do more!

Much-valued extracurricular clubs such as science club, Minetest coding club, sports clubs, reporter club, riding club and Lego Robotics. Our funding ensures a wide variety of clubs are provided for students to enjoy, discover new things they like doing and make new friends.

Classroom activities and resources that the school can’t otherwise afford, for example art workshops, Maths in Action workshop and foreign language resources.

Book Buzz - EVERY year 7 and year 8 student is given a free book. This is fully paid for by the Fund.

School trips – school trips are starting again and the Fund will continue to part-fund trips to bring the cost down. The cost of a coach for a day can be £500! Add in the other costs and many trips would be too expensive to run without our subsidy. We all know how much fun school trips are and the memories that are made, and for some students they are life-changing.

Y11 and Y13 leavers – we were pleased to recognise the challenging year for leavers in 2021 by funding Yearbooks for Y11 students and Thorpe Park tickets for Y13 students. We had such positive feedback from students about how it gave them such a positive boost, helped them to celebrate in style and made happy memories of their final days at Sheldon.

“My Y7 son went to science club last week and he was buzzing afterwards. Dissecting mackerel did come as a surprise to me as something that he loved doing but isn’t that fantastic, it sums up what the Opportunity Fund is about, the chance to try something new, discover things that you are interested in, extend your learning, make new friends and have fun in the process. Thank you!” Parent of a Y7 student

How can I donate?

Supporting the Student Opportunity Fund couldn’t be easier – there are 6 ways of giving for you to choose from! Thank you so much.


Make a donation from your ParentPay account. Go to ‘Active payment items’, click on ‘Opportunity Fund’ and type the amount you wish to give. If you are a UK taxpayer please type ‘Gift Aid’ in the notes field as under the Gift Aid Scheme, for every pound that you donate the government will give us an extra 25p!

Join the 500 Club

The 500 Club is Sheldon’s own school lottery. For just £12 you can buy a number which is entered into a draw three times in the academic year. You can buy as many numbers as you like! Buy your number(s) through ParentPay. 80% of the money comes to the Fund and 20% is given out as cash prizes to the lucky winners! More details about the Club are available to download from the right hand side of this webpage.

Regular donation

Set up a monthly or annual donation, email us ( and we will send you a form to set up a standing order. This type of donation is extremely helpful, thank you to all those who currently support the Fund in this way.

Amazon Smile

Tell Amazon your wish - that your shopping will raise money for the Fund! Amazon Smile offers the same products as and you keep your Prime membership if you have one. Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of eligible purchases to the Fund! It’s a winner!

To set it up click this link: Or download the Amazon Smile App or use and select ‘Sheldon School Enrichment Fund’.

Easy Fundraising

Join our easyfundraising page to raise funds whenever you shop online from the 3,000 participating retailers, including Sainsbury's, John Lewis, Aviva and Amazon, and it doesn't cost you a penny extra! There are no catches or hidden charges and so far over £800 has been raised! All you have to do is: Join - head to and sign up for free. Then Shop! Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first, pick the retailer you want and start shopping. Alternatively, to make donating even simpler, install the easyfundraising donation reminder so that when you visit a retailer’s website the reminder will offer you the chance to donate immediately. After you’ve checked out, that retailer will make a donation to your good cause for no extra cost whatsoever!

Second-hand uniform

Money from the sale of second-hand uniform comes to the Fund – contact the Reception team to make your purchase

Any contribution you can make through these 5 ways of giving makes a big difference. If every family donated the equivalent of £1 per month a whopping £15,000 would be raised each year! This would bring fantastic lasting benefits to all Sheldon students.

Can I help?

Absolutely YES! We are always in need of help! We are a friendly group of parents and staff - we meet about 3-4 times a year and new faces are very welcome. You can throw yourself fully into all aspects of the Fund or lend a hand with an area such as fundraising, events or publicity or just send us your suggestions!

Get in touch, it’s a great way to ‘give a little back’ and get involved with the school, just drop us an email at


The team 2021/2022

Contact the team – we look forward to hearing from you!

Nina Copping: Chair
Sharon Bisset: Secretary
Sharon Warne: Treasurer

Second hand uniform enquiries:

“A happy child is a successful child. Experience shows that children who get involved in extra-curricular activities become some of our best ambassadors and role models for younger children at Sheldon. This cycle creates a fantastic community ethos for your child to be part of as soon as they join us. On behalf of all students, thank you for your generous support of the Fund.” Mr Neil Spurdell, Head Teacher

Charity Number 1116688 (Sheldon School Enrichment Fund)