Careers and work experience

CEIAG is aimed at providing pupils and parents with occupational guidance and vocational advice, helping pupils to think about what they want to do with their lives and about the sort of people they wish to become. We believe that co-ordinated provision is central to developing these aims with curriculum subject areas, tutors and external agencies where appropriate make significant contributions. The school has an independent careers advisor who is available to pupils in Years 8 – 13.  She provides guidance interviews for pupils and participates in specific lessons in the Year 11 Careers Education programme.  Our Careers Advisor also attends relevant Parents’ Evenings and is available to discuss relevant issues with parents and their children. There is an overview of the careers programme available for parents, employers, members of staff and other stakeholders available by clicking on the Careers Overview tab.

Teacher in charge of careers: Mrs S Wilson -

Teacher in charge of work experience: Mrs T Tillotson -

In Year 7, the curriculum provides pupils with experiences which contribute to a growing understanding of themselves and their strengths and limitations. It will also develop the skills associated with choices and decision making.

In Years 8, 9, 10 and 11, specific Careers Education and Guidance is provided through timetabled lessons and modules of careers education, through the school's curriculum and tutor group work. This includes opportunities for students to hear from training providers and employers at appropriate times on school. Tutors have an active and defined role in prompting thought, monitoring progress, identifying individual guidance needs and referring pupils to the Careers Advisor as necessary. All pupils undertake a week of work experience in Year 10.

Most students coming into Year 12 have fairly clear ideas about their future as a result of previous sound careers advice. This is enhanced by formal discussions with our Careers Advisor and also drop-in sessions, work experience placements and information about Apprenticeships, Higher Education, including visits to universities and colleges, and some directed work in tutor groups.

Further careers information is available via eCLIPS 

Password: SN14 6HJ

Students can also email