Business Economics & Computing


A level Computing

We are delighted to offer Computing A level at Sheldon. This is a subject that will appeal to students who are interested in a future working with computers or in related areas such as Electronics and Engineering. There is a balance between computer programming and the theoretical understanding of how computers work, which can help students to develop a broad understanding of Computer Science and its real-world impact.

A level Business Studies

Business studies in the Sixth Form is a well developed subject area that has enjoyed strong results over the years. Students have gone on to a wide range of courses and occupations. The course develops a broad range of business skills and constantly tries to challenge and engage students. We are fortunate that all teaching staff have business experience and can add the real world aspect to lessons.

A level Economics

A Level Economics has a long history at Sheldon. It has enjoyed outstanding results over the years. Students have gone on to a range of universities including Cambridge and LSE to continue their studies. The course is a good mix of macro and micro economics with the current economic conditions providing a wealth of resources for us to study.