Pastoral Teams

At Sheldon we pride ourselves on our outstanding pastoral care and guidance. Our pastoral support systems ensure that students are happy in school and are ready to learn.

When students enter Sheldon, they are put into tutor groups. Students will stay with the same Tutor Group, Head of Year and Deputy Head of Year as they progress from Year 7 to Year 11. Students dedicated tutor time twice a day and meet regularly with their tutors for 1-to-1 meetings about their progress and goals for the future. Each year group also has a weekly assembly together and Heads of Year often organise social activities throughout the year. Each Year Group also has a dedicated Pastoral Support Worker who is available to support students with their emotional and social wellbeing.

Your child's tutor is your first point of contact

Please contact your child's tutor about any concerns you may have -- whether it be about their academic progress, behaviour, friendships or issues at home. Parents can get in touch their child's tutor by emailing, calling or by writing a note in their child's planner. There are opportunities throughout the year to meet tutors and the Head of Year during our Parent Information Evenings and Meet the Tutor sessions.