Parent Forums

All parents of pupils in each year group are invited to, and are warmly welcomed, at our Parent Forum meetings.

Parent Forums meet regularly with the head of year and members of the senior management team to review practice and discuss future developments.

There will be 3 Forums this year for years 7-11 and 2 for the Sixth Form on the dates below. 

Dates for 2021 - 2022:

Year 7  - 2nd November, 8th February and 17 May

Year 8  - 12th October, 11 January and 24th May

Year 9  - 19th October, 18th January and 7th June

Year 10  - 23rd November, 22nd March and 21st June

Year 11  - 9th November, 8th March and 3rd May

Sixth Form - 21st September and 14th June

“Ensuring that pupils are healthy physically and mentally is central within all safeguarding policies and practices and is an exemplary feature in the school.”