Parent Forums

All parents of pupils in each year group are invited to, and are warmly welcomed, at our Parent Forum meetings.

Parent Forums meet regularly with the head of year and members of the senior management team to review practice and discuss future developments.


Dates for 2022 - 2023:

Year 7 /8 themed - 4th May 2023

Year 8 /9 themed - 8th March 2023

Year 10 - 22nd June 2023

Year 11 - 22nd February 2023

Sixth Form - 15th September and 13th June

Sheldon really was a key influence on how I drove my career forward. Yes, there are ups & downs through school life but keeping focussed is the main thing and if you really want to make it happen - you can. I am proof!
Mark Wood - Managing Director at Horizon Beauty for Future Cosmetics - Barcelona