Year 8 Pastoral Team

The following staff make up the Year 8 Pastoral Team. Together with Year 8 tutors, they will ensure that students receive the support they need to thrive at Sheldon.

Mr Callum Wolff
Head of Year 8

Mr Callum Wolff

Mr Wolff is a PE teacher as well as the Head of Year 8.

Miss Rachel Barr
Deputy Head of Year 8

Miss Rachel Barr

Miss Barr is an English teacher as well as the Deputy Head of Year 8

Mrs Karen Colley
Pastoral Support Worker

Mrs Karen Colley

Mrs Colley is the Pastoral Support Worker for Yer 8 on Mondays and Tuesdays

Mrs Julie McQuillan
Pastoral Support Worker

Mrs Julie McQuillan

Mrs MvQuillan is a Pastoral Support Worker for Year 8 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Miss Sian Mundy
Assistant Headteacher

Miss Sian Mundy

Miss Mundy is Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for overseeing Year 8.

If you have a concern about your child, please contact their tutor. This may include reporting bullying or problems with friendship groups, concerns about overall academic progress, issues occurring during tutor time or between lessons and concerns about wellbeing. If your concern is not adequately addressed, please contact the Head of Year.  

1st Your child's tutor. Your first point of contact should be your child's tutor. You can email call or leave a note in their planner. 2nd Head of Year. If issues are not resolved after contacting your child's tutor, please speak to the Head of Year. 3rd Deputy Head of Year. The Deputy Head of Year can also assist you if the Head of Year is not available. Depending on the situation, you may also be in contact with the Pastoral Worker attached to the year group. 4th Senior Leader. If you feel that your concerns are still not being addressed, please contact the member of the Leadership Team responsible for the Year Group.

Please note: it is helpful to know the name of the you child's tutor group (ie: 8XYZ) when reporting absences. Tutor groups are divided between Right and Left side organising purposes within the school. This helps keep the groups smaller during big events like Year 7 Camp or Parent Evenings. 

You may contact tutors by calling 01249 766020, emailing or leaving a note in your child's planner. All contact details are listed below.

Year 8 Tutor Groups 2023-2024
Tutor Group
Tutor Name
8FEB Miss Francesca Barnes Left
8MRH  Mr Mathew Harrison Left
8ASC Miss Anna Clancy Left

Miss Aimee Bovil (Mpm/T/W/Th/F)

Mrs Victoria Minors (Mam only)


Mrs Laura Hall

Miss Rachel Barr

8MAK  Miss Megan Kilbane Right
8MBA  Mr Michael Anderton Right


Ms Roxane Hendra (T/Th/F)

Mrs Claire Lyndale (M/W)

8JHF   Mr James Finch Right
8ERE  Dr Elena Elcocks Right
Other Useful Year 8 Contacts
Job Title
Mr C Wolff Head of Year 8
Miss R Barr Deputy Head of Year 8

Karen Colley

Julie McQuillan

Pastoral Support Worker M/T

Pastoral Support Worker W/Th/F

Miss Sian Mundy Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Linda Zuanella SENDCo