The school day is divided into six, fifty-minute, periods. There are thirty periods in a week.  We operate a two-week timetable so there are 60 periods in the two-week cycle with week 1 being different to week 2.

The number of lessons devoted to different subjects in each year group over the two-week cycle is shown in the table below. 

Please find below further information about the curriculum.

  • English Language and Literature are taught simultaneously in Years 10 and 11.
  • Most pupils study Combined Science (Trilogy) in Year 10 and Additional Science in Year 11. Some will study triple science (Separate Science).
  • Design Technology in Years 7, 8 and 9 deals with food, textiles, resistant materials and graphics.
  • Performing Arts includes Dance, Drama, Art and Music throughout Years 7, 8. In Year 9 Art, Drama and Music are taught to all students and Dance is offered as an after school class.
  • Physical Education in Years 10 and 11 offers an options programme which includes leisure pursuits, traditional field and individual sports, rock climbing and canoeing. We also offer GCSE PE and BTEC Sport as options at KS4.
  • PSRE comprises elements of religious education, multicultural education, health and sex education, consumer education, work-related learning including careers education and relationships and citizenship.