Design and Technology

The following staff teach in the Design and Technology (DT) Faculty. If you have a specific concern about your child's academic progress or have a question about homework, please get in touch with their class teacher. You may also wish to speak with the Head of DT or the member of the Leadership Team with responsibility for the faculty.

1st contact your child's teacher. If there are additional concerns, contact the head of subject, head of faculty and finally the senior leader with responsibility for the faculty.

DT Faculty

Head of DT: Mr Samuel Fawcett,

Senior Leader with Responsibility for DT: Dr Alison Simpson,

ID Code
Mr Michael Anderton MBA
Miss Francesca Barnes FEB
Mrs Faye Blackhall FKF
Mrs Janine Cheverton

Mrs Katie Driver

Mr Samuel Fawcett SEF
Mr James Finch JHF
Mr Mathew Harrison

Miss Megan Owen MEO
Mr Paul Watts PAW